Osaki Os-4000 Massage Chair – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re on the market to add both quality, value and a little luxury to your life then the Osaki Os-4000 massage chair is hard to beat. Yes it has many rivals to compete with, but as you will soon discover, the features and benefits of this chair leave people in no doubt it stands out from the crowd.

The decision to buy a massage chair is not one made lightly.  For most people it’s a very expensive purchase and the amount of information on the different options available is overwhelming. 

You are considering a long term investment in your comfort and health.  Allow me to guide you along the journey to make the right choice for you.

I scoured hundreds of reviews to put together this ultimate resource for you as well as tested the chair myself.  Now I will walk you through all the pros and cons including what others like and dislike about this model, who it’s suited (or not suited) for and how it might meet your individual needs.

Osaki Os-4000 Massage Chair – The Ultimate Guide

First and foremost, this is a highly sophisticated chair which boasts the latest innovative technology.

One of the great features of this chair is its airbag technology. This technology has been engineered so that it mimics human hands, which have a sensitive touch.

The design will reduce gravitational pressure on your back, which will enable you to enjoy deep relaxation. This is perfect if you suffer from backache of any kind.  You can also reduce the intensity and the speed.

Another great feature is the body scan technology. This technology enables you to enjoy a massage that is specific to your own body shape. I personally love this feature, as you get to have a massage that has been designed just for you!

Osaki released this model (Os-4000) in 2010 and it is their base model.  The advantage here is that it is a lot cheaper now than it was when it was first released.  Obviously you can purchase it new but there are often opportunities to buy it second hand. 

Amazon is a great place to find refurbished units that will cost you less money but will still carry out the same job perfectly.

Let’s now take a closer look at how many of the great features this model has to offer and discuss how these might be of benefit to you.

What are “S –track rollers”

The rollers on the Osaki 4000 move along an “s – track”. What this means is they will follow the curvature of your spine, going from the base of the neck to your tailbone. The body scanning feature will greatly enhance this by actually reading your spine’s contours and will go on to adjust the program to what you need.  What’s more, the rollers provide clapping, tapping, rolling, kneading and Shiatsu (which means finger) massage.  A great variety.

What’s the benefit of Air Bags?

Airbags provide compression to different parts of your body and act like griping mechanisms for the many different massage program settings. The higher the number of airbags the better when it comes to the compression aspect, as these will be able to target muscles more precisely.

This is another great benefit of the Os-4000 as it boasts a whopping 38 airbags.  Definitely a big plus point when it comes to the quality of your massage.

Some users found the calf massage too strong, which can cause bruising and pain. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it has to be mentioned just so you know that the possibility is there.

Seat Vibration for the Hamstrings & the Glutes

This is standard on the majority of massage chairs.  On the Osaki Os-4000 massage chair the vibration is located in the seat of the chair.  This is the perfect location as it will focus on your hamstrings and also the glutes.

8 Different Manual and pre-set programs

With the Os-4000 you get a generous 8 preset massage programs and all it takes is one touch of the remote and away you go.  There is the option to change speed and also intensity.  On the remote’s lower panel you can tailor your massage to target specific areas of the body, for instance your calves, hips and shoulders.

The 8 different settings include:
•    Lumbar
•    Demo
•    Smart
•    Healthcare
•    Full Air
•    Neck and shoulders
•    Circulation
•    Relax

Heat Therapy for your back

This is a great feature of the Osaki Os-4000.  Heat therapy promotes vasodilation. (Since I had to look that word up I can tell you what it means) Vasodilation expands your capillaries which increases blood flow.

You really will enjoy how good this feels, especially if you are living in a cold part of the world or usually feel the cold greatly. There are two heating pads which are located on each side of the lumbar or lower back area. It may take around five minutes for the heating pads to get warm, so that you can actually feel the heat coming through your clothing.  It is not recommended to use the heating pads for more than 30 minutes a day.

Zero Gravity and Beyond!

Did you know that zero gravity was first developed by NASA? Well yes it’s true and what zero gravity does is it reduces compression on the spine. This would hugely benefit astronauts as they were heading for space during takeoff.

So how will zero gravity benefit you? Ok, so zero gravity is the steep recline position that will enable you to enjoy a deep massage. If your massage chair is over $1,000 you would expect it to have this great feature as standard.

Zero gravity will allow you to be in a natural state of relaxation, and on its own you will enjoy great benefits but when you add in the massage, things get even more relaxing. It also allows the rollers on the back to target deep tissue points this will hugely increase your massage enjoyment.

With the Osaki Os-4000 Massage Chair comes a 2 stage zero gravity feature, this means that when you are in the reclined position you can then go even further back. This enables even more weight to be taken off the spine by going into a cradling position. Your legs will also be raised to a position that’s above your heart which will allow for greater blood circulation. You’ll be reducing the stress on your heart and your lung capacity will be boosted too.

Wireless/wired Remote

Another feature of the Osaki Os-4000 is the main wired remote, which is large and allows for two hands. The wireless remote is smaller than the wired one and allows you to adjust your leg rest position, recline, the intensity and also the roller/compression areas.

Arm Air Massagers

The durable spandex which is located at the bottom of the arm massaging area is lined with rubber bumps, what these small bumps do is they help to invigorate your senses. They do this by compressing the tops and also the bottoms of your hands and forearm.

Foot and Calf Massage

On the Osaki Os-4000 there are many air bags located along the back and sides of the feet and the legs. These air bags inflate which will allow you to enjoy a compression massage. On the bottom of the foot massager you’ll discover there are 2 pressure point nodes. As the airbags inflate your calves and feet will be pressed down, quite firmly, on these pressure point nodes, which will enable you to have a very invigorating massage. This will simulate what a massage therapist does when they press down, using their thumbs.

Hips and Lumbar squeeze

On the seat base you’ll find hip airbags, located on the right and left sides. When these airbags are inflated they will apply a firm massage to your hips and thighs by compressing your hips inwards. As the airbags inflate on your hips they can also be used to help hold you in place comfortably. The back rollers move downwards where they will get to work on the lower areas of your back.

There are two lumbar airbags that are located at the base of the backrest and when these are inflated they will squeeze the outer portion of your lower back inwards, which will enable you to enjoy a gentle, mild massage.

Shoulder Airbag Massage

The Osaki Os-4000 Massage Chair also enables you to take care of your shoulders. There are airbags located on both sides of the massaging chair and as they inflate your shoulders are pressed inwards and also back. This action will greatly help to stretch your muscles in the shoulder area, where the majority of the tension lies.

Auto Leg Scan

This feature is another plus point for the Os-4000 massage chair. Basically the calf and foot massager can make adjustments to each individual’s leg length. This means that the airbags are working on the right locations where they are needed. The legs will extend fully out at the beginning of the massage and then they retract. When the foot massager is at the right length for your individual needs all you have to do is press down on your toes, which will tell the chair to stop.

Well that’s the features sorted, now let’s move on and answer some of the questions you may have.

Will this chair fit me?

The seat base measures 17 inches wide, which is roughly a 40 inch waist.

The shoulder massagers on the outer measure 20 inches, and that’s side to side. This is roughly a 46 inch jacket size or 22 inches shoulder width.

If you have a shoulder width of more than 22 inches you may find the Osaki 4000 massage chair a little too snug around the shoulder area.

The chair will fit anyone up to 6’3” but remember that it does vary as all body types are different and what’s comfortable for one person may be uncomfortable for another.

When fully reclined the chair will need a total space of 6 feet, and the width is 3 feet from side to side. In regards to back massage intensity this has been measured at 7 -8 inches.

What is the standard warranty? Can it be extended?

Yes, the Osaki Os-4000 Massage Chair comes with a 1 year warranty plus a 2 year additional parts factory warranty. Always check the returns policy and whether or not they will pay for the shipping of the chair, as this cost could soon amount to a large sum of money.

Amazon does offer a 90 day money back guarantee, but make sure you check out the shipping costs.  Osaki does guarantee that that they will replace or repair, at no extra cost to you, any chair that is said to be defective because of faulty parts, poor workmanship or structural defects. They offer this for the first three years of ownership. The first year labour and parts are covered and then the following two years, only the parts.

What is the price?

The Osaki Os-4000 offers real value for money. With all the features it boasts you would think it would be highly expensive, however, it costs less than 3K, which is amazing when you think of all the positives. Another chair with these features would cost you well over 5k. It really is unbeatable for the price, and you get to enjoy a full body massage, with all the health benefits that brings.

What fabric is the chair made out of?

The chair is made out of PU synthetic leather, which is breathable and is very easy to clean, making life easier for you!

What colors are available?

The Os- 4000 comes in a wide range of color choices including black/beige, brown/black, cream/brown and charcoal/beige. These different color choices will allow you to select the right color for your style of home decoration.

Can I install it myself?

It is fairly straightforward to assemble and install, although it is recommended to have two people. There are many great videos on YouTube that are worth a look at. This will enable you to get an idea as to what you have to do, as the manual can be quite confusing. Give yourself a couple of hours to assemble and install the chair. On the main unit you will have to put on the back and also the two sides.

The chair comes in four pieces including the back, base and two sides. You hook up the air valves as directed in the manual. You will receive two boxes on delivery, the biggest box measures roughly 30.5” wide. So make sure it will fit through your door, or you could end up in trouble, having to empty the boxes outdoors.

Once the chair is fully assembled it measures 32” wide.

Check out these YouTube videos for installation tips and advice.


What are the best delivery options?

Depending on your location it is recommended to buy the white glove delivery. This can vary from around $149 – $300, depending on where you are based. Make sure that assembly is included in the price. This will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Is it moveable?

The chair is heavy and you will have to put something like a paddling underneath the four corners. This will help to keep your carpet or flooring clean as the material can leave a stain, which is difficult to remove. Always assemble the chair where you are planning on placing it. The chair’s weight is roughly 213 pounds. There are wheels on the rear to easily move it around the home.

How much space does it need?

The size of the base, without the size arms measures 27W x 26H x 48L.
When the chair is in the zero gravity position the length measures 1.32 metres.
You’ll need a clearance of approximately 9 to 10 inches.
You will need to allow yourself 13” from the top of the backrest from the wall as the chair does recline by 3 feet.

The chair is 33”W x 46”H x 59” deep.
•    Weight: 213 lbs.
•    Rated Power: 150 W.
•    Voltage: 110 -120.
•    Upright 47”L x 32” W x 47” H.
•    Reclining 76”L x 32” W x 47” H.

Is the Osaki Os-4000 Massage Chair easy to operate?

Yes the chair is very straightforward to operate. Obviously you’ll receive the manufacturer’s instructions and there are also good videos on YouTube that also show you how to use the chair. You have two remotes, one of them is wireless, so you can always have it in your hand and some of the buttons are backlit too, making things easier for you.

Who is it not suited for?

If you’re looking for a high end model then this chair is definitely for you, as it comes with a wide range of massage options. It is far more appropriate for those who are looking to use their chair very regularly, if not daily. If you’re looking for a chair offering long term treatment for any aches and pains you may have then you must consider this one.

If you are planning on using your chair for just basic use then this one probably isn’t for you. You will be paying a lot of money for this chair and if you’re not using it regularly then you really won’t be getting your monies worth. It also isn’t ideal for children, as it lacks massage features that are designed for young users.

People over 6 ft 2 or those under 4ft 8 may struggle with this chair as they will either be too cramped up or for shorter people their legs may not touch the rollers. It’s also not ideal for those with large arms and hands, as they may feel cramped up in the chair.

What the manual doesn’t tell you/unsold benefits/shortcomings

The timer

This can be quite annoying as it automatically shuts off the chair but don’t worry as you can always add more time. I have personally used it for more than 30 minutes with no problems at all.

Smart Program Setting

It has been reported that this setting can be a little too intense for some people’s calves and to stay away from this particular program.


Some of the buttons on the remote control are backlit while others aren’t. This could be an issue of you are in a dark room or have poor eyesight. The text on the remote is a little small too, which again may be an issue if you have poor eyesight. This problem can easily be fixed though, by purchasing a clip on light.

Safety measure

There is no child safety mechanism with the chair, so if you need to turn off the chair in an emergency either turn it off by the power cord, or by turning it off at the back of the chair. The chair can also be prone to electric surges, which is why it’s recommended that you connect it to a good surge protector. You could alternatively unplug it when you’re not using it.


At certain times during your massage you will notice that the remote will start beeping. It happens for about 5 seconds, at three different times during a 30 minute massage. It’s there to let you know that you have the opportunity to change settings for instance the airbag intensity or the strength.

Osaki has said that if you want to turn off the beeping you can by removing the speaker in the control panel. This will not harm the chair at all and will silence the beeping. It’s very easy to do and if you want relief from all the noise this is something you definitely have to do. Pets will pick up on the beeping noise so it will be a relief for them too!


If you would like to compare the differences between the Osaki O -4000 Massage Chair and the others in the range, the OS-4000T is the updated version and has foot rollers and also some new massaging programmes, including stretch.

Final thoughts

Well we’ve come to the end of my Osaki Os-4000 review now. I really hope I have helped you discover more about the Osaki Os–400 massage chair. As you can see from my review, I absolutely love it. This massage chair is packed full of amazing features that you’re certain to enjoy and for a chair that’s under 3K, it really is a bargain.

So, if you’re on the market for a new massage chair I really cannot recommend the Os-4000 enough and I can guarantee you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Let your aches and pains melt away as you relax and enjoy the Osaki Os–4000 massage Chair.

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